1987 – Steel Panther Distortion


Willing to pay tribute to one of the best years in Rock & Roll, Steel Panther honors the year 1987 with a dedicated song on their 2023 album “On The Growl” as well as with a 2-in-1 distortion & delay pedal. This pedal goes back to the sonic characteristics of artists such as Guns’n’Roses, Whitesnake or Ozzy Osbourne from this era, thanks to its ultra-powerful and searing British tone, delightfully mixed with an analog delay.

The overdrive channel of the 1987 also allows to have a light boost or make your guitar scream for your solos, all with the simplicity of its 3-knob layout. Naturally compressed and balanced, with a huge gain range, this saturation pedal will turn any amp into a Hard Rock machine.

Very simple to use, the delay channel offers the classic beautiful sound of an analog delay slightly altering its repeats.

The distortion and delay channels of the 1987 can be activated simultaneously or separately.


  • Level : volume of delay.
  • Feedback : number of repeats.
  • Delay : time between each repeat.
  • Drive : level of gain.
  • Level : output volume.
  • Tone : low / high balance.
  • Powered in standard 9V DC (centre negative).


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