Caroline Guitar Company Crom Fuzz


Based on the old Supa Tone Benders and Muff style pedals that inspired our Olympia fuzz of a decade ago, and using BC184 transistors, Crom does away with the typical lossy tone stack, instead using a classic 1950’s tweed amp style tone (Mountain) control that interacts with the gain (Sword) control. The end result is much more mid forward rather than scooped, tighter and more defined at lower gain settings, and bullish through the mix at higher gain. Two modes (standard & turbo) are available for setting the gain range and frequency responses. Activating the Turbo switch when using Crom through clean amps or clean channels will give a full blast of gain and power. When using Crom stacked with other drives or into crunchier amps, take the Turbo off so the bass response is tighter and the pedal acts more as a classic 1970’s fuzzy drive/sustainer. Like our other Caroline Corporation drives, Crom is hand-assembled in South Carolina, USA.

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  • Controls – Tone, gain, volume, turbo switch
  • approx 300 g


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