Catalinbread Giygas


In  between rounds of Earthbound, the folks at Catalinbread put together this fiery and evil looking box to fulfill your demonic alien desires (on your board, of course!). It is a fuzz sculpting machine with a gyrator-based mids boost, and a tilt EQ circuit, as well as a blend function to blend in just the right amount of clean. This feeds a JFET-equipped clean blend circuit that can get 100% dry or wet with zero harmonic distortion. On top of that, they have not forgotten about their bassist friends, by putting a few options inside to customize it to the use of 4 strings instead of 6 – including a boost/cut trimpot at 40 Hz, and an EQ switch which re-centers both Mids and EQ to 250Hz for all you bassists out there! All this in a package with a screaming three-transistor fuzz circuit that curdles your milk and makes the walls shake with mega sustain potential!

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