Fairfield Circuitry Long Life


The Long Life by Fairfield Circuitry is a parametric EQ with Tilt and CV controls. A state-variable filter with wide range and application, the Long Life will bring tons of versatility to your tone. Combining tilt and notch/boost equalization around a 2nd-order (-12dB/octave) state-variable core.

It is very much a one-band parametric equalizer with gritty extras:

  • Shelving filter, from low-pass to high-pass
  • CV inputs for resonance (Q) and frequency (F)
  • V/octave scaling synthesizer interface
  • Fully variable Q goes well into tasty sweet self-oscillations
  • Soft clip zener zesty mordant
  • Ability to use expression pedal to control center frequency

It is best used as a tone stack, it has wah capabilities with an expression pedal, it can stand alone as a channel strip EQ, and many more possibilities. It also contains inputs to integrate with modular synths. It can also serve as an external CV for sequencers and keyboards. A musical muse in a box!



Freq – Filter control with range of 8Hz to 6KHz

Q – Quality factor for resonance control. From softer equalization to self-oscillation past 3 o’clock. Summed with CV Q input

Gain – Negative and Positive gain of bandpass filter serves as a notch or boost for selected frequency

Tilt – Frequency response can be tilted around the center frequency.

Volume – Unity gain at 2 o’clock for a flat frequency response.

Connections  – 1/4″ cable in and out

Expression input

Q and F – 1/8″ control voltage (CV)

9V DC center negative, 150 mA minimum



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