Megabyte™ builds on the acclaimed Kilobyte™ legacy with two old school lo-fi digital chips for more delay time, tap tempo, trails or true bypass, and a nastier, dirtier runaway havoc. All with a straightforward and intuitive, immediately rewarding control setup. Less time menu scrolling, more time rock and rolling. The crew at Caroline have added the most requested features from their customers’ wish lists while making sure they kept the qualities that they loved. This includes a fun and functional tap-tempo with three divisions, double the delay time (up to 1200ms) for increased fidelity and range, easily switchable trails or true bypass options, and a nastier *Havoc™ paired to the tap switch to go with the +21db drive preamp and modulation for the delay side.

Lastly, on the inside of the pedal are controls for a 100% dry-kill and maximum headroom on the havoc/oscillation side. Building off the acclaimed Kilobyte™ pedal, Megabyte™ uses a similar framework and approach as their popular Météore™ and Somersault™ pedals. While the lo-fi digital chip sets the delayed wet signal, the initial gain stage, dry signal, feedback and output mixing stage are entirely analog. The end result sounds rich and fat, with the same robust feel and power that Caroline’s customers have come to expect.

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  • Lo-Fi Delay Computer
  • 1200 ms delay time
  • Dual Function Tap Tempo/Havoc switch (runaway feedback)
  • 3 divisions – quarter, eighth, dotted-eighth
  • 21 db gain preamp
  • 9v power input
  • 5.0/9.3/11.9 cm
  • 362 g


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