Catalinbread Callisto Mk II


The Callisto Mk II is still 100 percent analog just like the original for some classic trembling warmth you can really feel. Just how much wobble you want can be dialed in with the Mix control, which achieves 100 percent wet or dry in either direction. Turning it all the way up delivers a wonderfully-tuned pitch vibrato that can add some spice to your solos or some disorienting tape warble for your next bedroom pop record.

Classic rate and depth controls go beyond the basic two-knob chorus and into hi-fi territory that makes your guitar shine and sound equally great on both lead and rhythm, or any other instrument you find may be lacking in thickness.

We’ve also taken the liberty of adding a cool Feedback control, which dumps a varying amount of signal from the output of the BBD chip back into the circuit after the filtering occurs, for a striking regenerative tone that blurs the line between chorus and flanger, even if it never quite reaches the latter.


    • Analog Chorus
    • Rate, FDBK, Mix, Depth
    • True Bypass
    • 9V DC Input
    • Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 110 mm
    • Weight: 0,25 kg


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