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The Topanga by Catalinbread is a modern recreation of the outboard spring reverbs that dominated 1960’s surf rock, spaghetti western soundtracks and many other great 60’s sounds. You cannot imagine Dick Dale playing guitar without one of these. Catalinbread has taken these huge lunchbox sized effects and put it into a pedalboard sized stomper. The effect is not just for convenience. It sounds so close to the original, it is amazing! Another aspect of these outboard effects is that they ran in front of the amp, acting also a bit like a pre-amp and colouring the sound as it enters the amp itself. Along with the standard dwell (intensity of the signal to the spring), tone (cut to high frequencies) and mix (the wet signal), there is a volume knob that acts as a pre-amp boost in this same nature. Turn all reverb off, and you have a clean boost pedal at your tippy-toes – a 2 in 1 pedal! Enjoy the drip drip drip!



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• Digital Spring Reverb
• Standard input and output jacks
• True Bypass switchable to “trails” mode
• Power Source:9-18 V DC power supply (sold separately)
• Power Usage: 64mA
• Height: 50 mm
• Width: 60 mm
• Depth: 110 mm
• Weight: 181 g


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