Dr. Scientist BitQuest UFO Edition


If you want to break down your guitar tone into bits, pieces, waves or puddles, there are at least a dozen ways to do it with this piece of magic!  Complete with eight digital effects that work with or without a built in digital fuzz, the BitQuest offers flanger, HP/LP filter, bit crusher, infinite reverb, notch filter, ring mod, pitch shift and glitch delay, all in one pedal. No matter where the future takes you, BitQuest has got you covered.

Available within 1-2 months


  • Mono input, mono output
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC @ 75mA, 18VDC @ 150mA, 2.1mm center negative plug
  • Input/Output Impedance:500kΩ/1kΩ
  • True bypass using soft touch switch and relay
  • Knobs
    • Mix: Dry signal only at min, Wet signal only at full
    • Vol: Wet signal level
    • Treble: +/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz
    • CTRL0: In Fuzz Mode this is the gain control, in Clean Mode this controls an effect parameter, depends on patch
    • CTRL1: Controls an effect parameter, depends on patch
    • CTRL2: Controls an effect parameter, depends on patch
  • Toggle Switch: Fuzz Mode adds a versatile digital distortion to the effects, Clean Mode takes away the fuzz and adds an extra control parameter.
  • Expression Input: Controls CTRL0, TRS input, 50kΩ
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime from manufacturer


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