Fairfield Circuitry Accountant Compressor


Best seller from Fairfield and for good reason. It is simple and does its job bloody well! Compressors are the black horse of every guitarist’s toolkit. With compression ratio flexibility, and limiter function, the accountant is a super flexible compressor that will bring your sound to the next level.

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– compressor
– completely analog
– Volume control
– Compression ratio switch (6:1, 12:1, 3:1)
– Limiter switch (0 db, -8 db, – 16 db)
– LED indicator
– Steel chassis
– True bypass
– 6,3 mm mono In/Out jack connector
– 9V DC standard connection
– 12 mA draw
– 90 mm x 44 mm x 47 mm
– Handmade in Canada


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