Vemuram Shanks ODS-1


Collaboration with John Shanks.

An easy to handle overdrive with a wide range in tone.
Equipped with two trimmers lets you control the Bass and the Saturation of the overall tone.
Allowing you to achieve an even more wide variety to your ideal tone.
Inspired by many countless vintage pedals.

John Shanks Comment
“We and the team at Vemuram have spent the last working and prototyping the new ODS-1 pedal. It’s a beautiful transparent overdrive that one can use to find that prefect balance of overdrive and distortion that I can use in the studio and on stage. The one go to that can cover most everything I need, from a mild push to full on for solos. A pedal I’ve been dreaming of for years that’s finally here.”

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  • Controls – Level, Gain, Tone / Bass and Saturation Trimmer
  • Power – 9 Volt Battery or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter
  • Size – 70(W)x112(D)x50(H)mm
  • Weight – 425g



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