VS Audio Royal Flush Dual Overdrive


Royal Flush is a dual channel overdrive with separate controls for each channel. The first channel is a low gain overdrive and is designed to create tube amp “early break-up” overdrive for rhythm tone with tone clarity. Second channel is a medium gain overdrive and is designed to capture creamy and rich sound of an amp-like distortion crunch. Both channels engaged emulate a more aggressive cranked tube amp sound with tons of sustain. In the conversation with the top dual overdrives in the business, this is one you should definitely try out.

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  • Dual channel overdrive recreates tube saturation.
  • Boost channel is a dynamic, touch responsive with tone clarity overdrive.
  • Overdrive channel is a creamy and rich amp-like distortion with natural compression.
  • Two separate tone controls for detailed shaping of distorted signal.
  • Parallel mode relay switching.
  • Independent Volume, Tone, and Gain per channel
  • True bypass.


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