Black Cat Mini Trem


The Black Cat Mini Trem is a versatile dual function tremolo/clean boost in one with huge tremolo voicing possibilities. In this box you have a 60’s style analog tremolo with the standard speed and depth control knobs, as well as a speed footswitch to go half or double speed. You get a true amp-like tone from the tremolo, and you can really feel the difference with warmth you get from this tremolo. Add to that, a FET type booster, and you have a dual effect in one very nicely sized box. You can use the two in tandem or on their own, bringing numerous possibilities to your sound. The Mini Trem is for those seeking a pedal that does not have thousands of possibilities but is versatile enough and does what it does damned well.

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  • Durable powder-coat “Gold Sparkle” finish
  • Cool Black glass epoxy PCB with yellow silkscreen
  • Metal film resistors and audio grade capacitors
  • 3PDT true-bypass switch and Switchcraft jacks
  • Uses 2.1mm Boss style power jack, or internal 9V battery
  • Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA
  • LED flashes in time to tremolo rate
  • Two footswitches – one for On/Off and one for Speed


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