Collision Devices Nocturnal


Pass from the Dusk, through the Night to the Dawn with the Collision Devices Nocturnal. Modulated Delay, Dynamic Tremolo and Shimmer Reverb all in one pedal!

The modulated delay is a warm and inspirational delay based on a tape delay circuit. Add to that, a shimmer reverb to loose all sense of time, and a dynamic tremolo that oscillates faster as you pump the reverb into it.

Combine all 3 effects or run them separately, the Nocturnal will bring you endless soundscape possibilities from Dusk to Dawn.



Modulated Delay

Warmed and inspirational delay based on a tape delay circuit.

Settings :

Mix : Controls the mix between Full Dry or 50% Dry / 50% Wet

Time : Time between each repetition. From a few ms to 1 second. Signal quality turns to Lo-Fi when it’s pushed to long repeats.

Feedback : Number of repetitions. Able to self oscillate very easily when the knob is around 7.5.

Modulation : Amount of modulation in the delay repetitions. Create a sort of old tape effect

Speed : Modulation’s frequency from 0.1 to 20 Hz.


Dynamic Tremolo

Turn a huge amount of shimmer and reverb into it to make it oscillate faster.

Settings :

Sens : Sensibility, turn it clockwise to make the tremolo more sensitive to your attack

Depth : Controls the tremolo’s volume



Create bright soundscapes and loose the notion of time until the sunrise.

Settings :

Blend : Controls the amount of Dry/Wet signal. You can have a full Wet reverb.

Reverb : Reverberation time. Max 15 sec.

Shimmer : Makes the reverb shimmer

Filter : Digital filter. Low pass. Lets you make the shimmer darker or more shiny

Colour : Bandpass active and analog filter around 3.3 kHz. Controls the Q of the filter.

Maximum current draw 400 mA

Imput Impedance 1 MOhm

Voltage +9V DC (négative center)

Output Impedance 10 KOhm

Weight 250gr

Size 119 x 116 x 56mm

  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Collision devices Pedals.

  • Power supply not included.

  • The pedal is buffered bypass


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